I did this painting of my best friend last year. She’s a wonderful teacher and loves engaging her students, especially now when it is difficult for them to stay focused on learning through a computer screen all day.

She thoughtfully invited me to a surprise virtual class visit to speak with her class and do a live demonstration. Now normally, I would run in the other direction when I hear the term ‘draw’ and ‘live’ in the same sentence 😬. But she convinced me that it would be worth it, just to inspire her kids and break the monotony of schoolwork.

Live Painting my friend

I have to say, I’m glad I didn’t shy away from drawing live for them. They were funny, and smart and easy to talk to. I even had some students who shared my love of Bob Marley and Pride and Prejudice…and Pizza of course 😁.

It was worth it to face the fear of  public speaking and live drawing just to connect with these kids for one hour. Thank you my friend! We must do it again 😊

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