I discovered Andreya Triana in 2018 and this song became an anthem for me. It was so hard to choose a favorite song because I love soooo many of them. But if I absolutely have to choose, it’s “Gold”. She talks about enjoying the little things and not necessarily looking for joy in material things and perfect circumstances. Especially during this strange time in history, isn’t it funny how, the simple things make you happy? Things like, hearing birds chirping outside your window, listening to the symphony of insects during the summer evenings, a sudden evening storm that darkens the sky, opening your window and breathing fresh air, calling your mom just to chat. I don’t know about you, but these simple things “feel like Gold” to me. I am grateful for them all. Thanks Andreya for reminding us to enjoy the little things!

Song : Gold

Artist : Andreya Triana

Album : Giants

Here is my favorite song of hers click here or watch below!

Song : Gold

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