Corinne Bailey Rae’s first album was the backdrop to my courtship with my husband. He even surprised me by starting to play the CD in his car (yes, that was a thing not that long ago), before I realized he had bought it for me because he knew I loved her music! But it all started with this song about finding joy in the things you love, letting yourself relax and ultimately, being yourself. When you’re in college, it is all about finding yourself and that’s where I was when I heard this. She almost inspired my Senior collection, which is how I know, music is a vital part of inspiration for me. It’s a very carefree song and just gives me “Good vibes on a summer day” feeling 🙂. 

Song : Put your records on

Artist : Corinne Bailey Rae

Album : Corinne Bailey Rae

Here is my favorite song of hers click here or watch below!

Song : Put your Records On

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