Oh India! Who did not hear this song and feel so much better about themselves? This song is the ultimate proclamation of unconditional love for yourself. I’m sure we can all find things we wish we could change about the way we look, the clothes we wear, the lifestyle we have, but really, can we be grateful for who we were made to be, or what we already have? Yes, it seems like it matters so much what others think, but do you like what you see in the mirror, not what you think you should look like? Do you like your taste in clothes, regardless of what’s trending? You were made with a unique look, interests and talents. Don’t let whatever everyone else does, says or expects of you determine who you are. Thank you so much for such a positive message India!

Song : Video

Female Artist : India Arie

Album : Acoustic Soul

Here is my favorite song of hers click here or watch below!

Song: Video

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