I have been a fan of Sara since ‘Love Song’. I love the message of this song because a lot of times, we are afraid to say what we think because we think we will be rejected for having a different opinion. Sometimes we don’t think what we have to say is valuable. Sometimes we think, there are so many other voices speaking, that no-one will hear your little voice above the others. So, we stay quiet, we keep our thoughts to ourselves. We wait for a more convenient time to say how we feel, but that time never comes. Don’t let fear keep you quiet, when you know there is something you want to say that is meaningful. Don’t let the fear of other’s disapproval silence you. Be brave with your little voice 🙂

Song : Brave

Female Artist : Sara Bareilles

Album : The Blessed Unrest

Here is my favorite song of hers, click here or watch below!

Song : Brave

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