I want to pay tribute to female singers whose words have been a form of inspiration in my life and in my work. FOR THE NEXT 15 DAYS, I will illustrate or paint a female singer along with a little bit about a special song of theirs that I listen to and feel inspired by.  These songs bring certain memories to mind, as songs often do. I would love to share this aspect of my inspiration with you and hopefully introduce you to some phenomenal women to go listen to!

The first song on my playlist is ………

Song : Paper Thin

Artist : Lianne La Havas

Album : Lianne La Havas

These are powerful words that I feel describe every woman. Having moments of confidence, but then self doubt. Lianne reminds herself, and we should too, that if we love ourselves, and we are content with who we are, we don’t have to try to be someone we are not. This is one of the songs she released earlier this year, and I have to admit, I listen to almost everyday 🙂.  Also, her new album “Lianne La Havas” is out now and is definitely the record of the summer for me!

Here is my favorite song of hers click here or watch below !

Song : Paper thin

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