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I was just talking with a friend about how the women in our families were the ones that kept our families together. We both grew up without our dads so, our mothers, aunts, cousins (female) and grandmothers became our main caregivers.

I remember my grandmother being the ‘glue’ of my family, with birthday, Christmas and mother’s day get togethers. She loved to cook a big meal and have everyone over to enjoy with her. Now that I haven’t been home (Trinidad) for over 10 years, I truly miss those get togethers that she dedicated her time to.

Women are a central theme in my work, whether it be women in film, fashion, music and the women in my life. They inspire me because they each have a story of strength, independence, love, and growth that I can learn from.

To all these women, know that everyday, you matter, you are worth it and you have what it takes.

*Happy International women’s day!

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