After watching the documentary ‘Audrey’ on Netflix, I had some time to reflect on one of my favorite people, Ms. Audrey Hepburn.

She was so stylish and sophisticated yet so humble and a “girl next door”. Such a rare combination of qualities. I found myself having more things in common with her than I knew I had like growing up without a father. I believe I struggled with some of the same insecurities she did because of his absence. Her desire to have a private life, a simple life without the trappings of fame is so unusual compared to the pursuit of notoriety, attention, and wealth that pervades our Instagram famous, YouTuber, influencer culture today.

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I’m not sure Audrey would have been the selfie-taking, ‘Instagram live’ loving type if she were around today. She probably would have pointed her iPhone camera at others who were less privileged than herself, others who were making a difference in the lives of those who didn’t have the luxuries she had. She is more of an icon to me because she never had a self-centered view of herself. What amazes me is that she never wanted to be an actress but she gained popularity not only for her beauty but her ability to bring a smile to others by being full of wonder for life and the simple things. She was never shallow and self-seeking. Beautiful dresses for her weren’t about a status symbol. She genuinely felt confident and beautiful wearing them. Even beneath the most luxurious dresses designed by Givenchy, I saw a lady who wasn’t prideful and elitist, but the complete opposite. She loved fashion, was an iconic beauty, and was compassionate, approachable, and humble.

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She was truly one of a kind, this Audrey and she will always be one of the women I look up to. She turned down more opportunities to make movies for years after her son was born because she valued family so much more than having more money or fame. She dedicated the rest of her life to helping underprivileged children because she knew what that was like during the war. Well done Audrey! There was so much more to you than your iconic sense of style, humor, and unique beauty. More to you than a ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s” print from Ikea or the Little black dress you made popular as Holly Golightly. More to you than your movies and the characters you portrayed. You didn’t try to be like anyone else. You were just you.

An Interview with Audrey

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