Simone Elum is a contemporary artist who channels her love of fashion, faith, nostalgia, and music into her delicate female portraits and figurative art. Since her discovery of Indian Inks in 2018, she has grown to love the vibrancy, spontaneity, and subtlety that can be obtained with this medium, which she currently uses in her work.

Most of Simone’s work depicts elegant women lost in moments of quiet introspection, The artist uses layers of transparent washes of monochromatic ink or watercolor with occasional accents of color when creating a piece. Before pursuing Art, she studied Fashion Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, GA and worked in the Fashion industry as a Technical Designer and Illustrator.

Simone is originally from the twin isles of Trinidad and Tobago and currently resides in Las Vegas, NV. When she is not creating art, she enjoys reading a good novel with a cup of tea, playing the guitar, or binge-watching period films.

“I’m inspired to capture women in their moments of reflection.
My paintings are observations of the duality of confidence and insecurity in women”